The Internet of Things continues to bring exceedingly more machines together. By 2020, Gartner predicts there will 20 BILLION connected devices. As such, Peplink is overwhelmingly proud to introduce our new IoT-focused product brand, Pepxim.

Each Pepxim (Peplink Extended to Internet Machines) product either simplifies management and installation of IoT products, or solves a business problem using IoT technology.

OUR products & solutions

About Pepxim

Smart Reader with Time & Attendance Software

Employees are able to clock in and out with their own NFC badges and our Time & Attendance software eliminates administrative HR overhead by allowing employees to review attendance information, submit leave requests, and much more. And adding our SD Switches into the mix allows for the creation of Smart Offices by powering up and down workstations, locking and unlocking doors, and more!

Digital Signage

With Pepsign, you’re able to deliver custom content to any screen, anywhere, all from the cloud. Our user-friendly animation and scene creation tools allow to create professional, effective messaging inside our cloud service, while the rule-based scheduling functionality gives you full control on who’s seeing your message, and when.

GPS Tracker

The Cloud-based, battery powered GPS Tracker features a rugged IP67 enclosure and can be installed and removed quickly, for fleet management made easy. And our cloud-based software allows for accurate, real-time reporting of location data, as well as geofencing capabilities.

Software Defined Power Management Unit

The Pepxim SD-PMU provides users with absolute power monitoring and management. The SD-PMU serves as three devices in one: a low-voltage disconnect monitor, a DC-DC converter, and a DC distribution panel, making it ideal solution for buses, yachts, and any other DC-powered deployment. Shut down or reboot devices remotely, configure custom sequential boot up, monitor voltage information for all devices, and convert fluctuating power flows into consistent, reliable voltage streams with our patented PowerFusion technology!