Digital Signage Solution

Pepsign Cloud Service is Peplink’s innovative cloud-based digital signage solution, which is especially designed for you to take the lead to build and manage your own advertising or informative materials displayed on screens anytime and anywhere, through any modern browser. You can easily create and manage the materials to be displayed according to your own ideas and thoughts as well as when and where to display them.  With our powerful built-in effect functions, you are able to create stunning animations and effects into your scenes within seconds!

Pepsign Cloud Service is a cloud-based players management solution that enables you to manage unlimited players simultaneously,through any modern browser. Everything can be decided by you in terms of the content, display date and the screen selected. This highly increases the flexibility as you can create and modify your digital signage anytime and anywhere.

You are able the create effects into the scenes on your own with the built-in effect functions inside Pepsign Cloud Service. By just a few clicks, it makes your videos much more stunning and attractive. Everyone can be a creator of their own advertisements!

You are able to set the date and time (start & end) of your scenes to be displayed. You can also decide the frequency of the scenes appearance by setting their priority. Besides, you can decide the repetition of the scenes as well by daily basis or on a specific date.

To make your scenes more informative, the “Data Grabber” within Pepsign allows you to forward particular information, especially which vary rapidly with time, from other web sources into your scenes. You can set the grabbing intervals to ensure the data are the most updated as well.

Introduction Video