Cloud-Based GPS Tracker

Introducing the Pepxim GPS Tracker! This battery-powered device features two redundant SIM slots, allowing for unbreakable connectivity, so you can see all your GPS information instantaneously and in real time. 

Unlike with some other GPS devices, there is no worry about the Pepxim GPS Tracker wearing down your vehicle’s battery. The device is fully self powered, via four C-size batteries, or a rechargeable lithium battery. With the rechargeable lithium option, you’ll enjoy up to six months of battery life, plus you’ll be able to see how much battery power your device has remaining in the mobile app or browser.

Pepxim’s cloud-based GPS software goes beyond simply pinpointing the location of your fleet’s vehicles. You’ll be able to take full advantage of its geofencing features, as well as program when you want the device to be in a power-saving mode to extend battery life.

2 major modes

On-Trip mode

When the GPS Tracker is in On-Trip Mode, it will continuously upload GPS data to the cloud in real time, where our cloud-based reporting dashboard can translate the information and give it to you in useful, easy to understand ways such as reporting speed, distance traveled, trip duration, and more. 

Power Saving Mode

To conserve battery life, the device (when not in active On-Trip Mode) will cache its GPS data offline for retrieval later, rather than constantly uploading straight to the cloud in real time.


Truck Rental Companies
Emergency / public service vehicles

Cloud-based GPS software

Easy to Manage Geo-Fencing

Our geofencing feature allows you to designate specific, custom areas on the map, and choose an action for the device to take when it moves into, or out of, any of these areas. For instance, a truck rental company that wishes to charge a certain rate for their vehicles being used in one area, and a different rate in another, will be able to not only see which area the vehicle is in, but also configure notifications for when the truck crosses from one area to another.

Cloud-Based Device Management

GPS tracking information can be especially valuable for emergency and/or public service vehicles. With Pepxim’s cloud-based GPS software, the operators in the vehicle no longer need to report their position verbally, leaving them free to drive safely and/or (in the case of firefighters, ambulances, etc.) focus on their job at hand.